City Clerk Position Summary

The city clerk is appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the council

Under the supervision of the Mayor, the City Clerk performs responsible administrative and financial duties. This employee shall be in charge of caring for, keeping, and filing within the official city files, any legal proceedings maintained by or against the city and which are not within the jurisdiction of the Municipal Court. The City Clerk is the official custodian of city documents and is responsible for financial record. Excellent public relations skills and communication skills are required.

Essential Functions

  • Maintains day-to-day review of city’s financial position, including ensuring that all city monies deposited in a financial institution are secured with proper pledged securities, assists with budget preparation and prepares special assessment taxes for submittal to the county;
  • Maintains control of all municipal, fiscal, and legal records, including all fiscal records for auditing purposes, municipal documents, bond issues, and transfer payments on bonds in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles;
  • Supervises subordinate personnel as well as maintain personnel and payroll records, monitor payroll hours, and prepares records for workers’ comp audit;
  • Furnishes information to public via open records requests in accordance with the Kansas Open Records Act, as the City’s Freedom of Information Officer;
  • Enters/Places ordinances of the city in ordinance books upon passage;
  • Attends all meetings, assists in agenda preparation, records official transactions and proceedings of council meetings, fulfills city publication requirements for ordinances, and ensures compliance with the Kansas Open Meetings act;
  • Monitors operating procedures, data processing, and reviews monthly statements, receipts, and expenditures to ensure adherence to city budget;
  • Enters appointments to office, date of appointment, administers oaths for all purposes pertaining to the business and affairs of the city, and maintains files of all such oaths required to be deposited in the City Clerk’s office;
  • Maintains custody of the corporate seal of the city and affixes seal to all documents requiring authentication.

Marginal Functions

  • Assists auditor with preparation of the audit and preparation of the budget;
  • Assists with bond issues and all requisite paperwork;
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Mayor and/or Governing Body.