Animal Control Information

The Holcomb Police Department enforces the animal related ordinances within the City of Holcomb.

dogIf you are missing an animal, you may wish to contact the Holcomb Police Department to see if the animal has been impounded.

If your animal has been impounded, you will need to come to the City of Holcomb and show proof of rabies vaccinations and pay the applicable fees for impound and registration.

All cats and dogs kept within the City of Holcomb must be registered with the City Clerk’s Office, once each year. The tags are only valid from January to December. The registration process assists the process of returning the animals to the rightful owners. Proof of rabies vaccination is required to register an animal.

Impound Fees
$20.00 – First Day
$ 5.00 – Additional Days

Tranquilizer Fees
$5.00 – First 3cc of Solution
$2.00 – Per Additional cc

Registration Fees
$5.00 – Spayed Dogs
Neutered Dogs
$7.00 – Non-Spayed Dogs
Non-Neutered Dogs
$5.00 – Any Cat
$1.00 – Penalty (After March 31)