City Administrator

Robin Lujan, City Administrator


Robin graduated from Colby High School in May of 1985.  She has taken some college classes from Dodge City Community College and Garden City Community College.  In 2008, Robin completed the Certified Public Manager program from Kansas University Public Management Center.  This program requires 288 contact hours of management development training accredited by the National Certified Public Manager’s Consortium.


Ms. Lujan began her employment with the City of Holcomb on February 14, 2000, as a half-time Police Department Secretary and half-time Billing Clerk for Finney County Rural Water District #1.  In February of 2002, her duties shifted to half-time City Utility Billing clerk and half-time Finney County Rural Water District #1 Billing Clerk.
On May 8, 2002, she was appointed Deputy Clerk.  On September 22, 2004, the city council appointed Robin as City Clerk.  On April 26, 2006, the city council approved the job description for a City Administrator and hired Ms. Lujan to fill that position effective May 1, 2006.

Contact Information
Robin Lujan, City Administrator
200 N. Lynch Street
P.O. Box 69
Holcomb, KS 67851

Phone: 620-277-2265
Fax: 620-277-2603