Police Department History

Holcomb became an incorporated city in 1961, with a population of less than 200 citizens. It’s law enforcement needs were served by a part-time City Marshall and the Finney County Sheriff’s Department.

By 1982, Holcomb’s population had grown to over 1,000 citizens. At that time it was felt that there was a need for expanded law enforcement services. In 1982, the Holcomb City Council hired a full-time law enforcement officer and authorized the development of the Holcomb Police Department.

The Holcomb Police Department began the D.A.R.E. program in the early 1990’s and spent a lot of time teaching the students drug awareness. The Holcomb Police Department became the Kansas Highway Patrol MVE designee for Finney County in the early to mid 1990’s and continues in that aspect today.

The Holcomb Police Department has grown to three full-time officers, one part-time officer and one full-time clerk.

The Holcomb Police Department is very active. It serves the needs of a diverse area and works very closely with other law enforcement agencies. The communications and jail facilities are supplied via the Finney County Law Enforcement Center in Garden City, Kansas.


Donnie Nevin
John Riffel
Mark Rhea
Kent Newport
Allan Collins
Jeff Sharp
Gordon Smith
Clinton Thompson


D. J. Dragonas Randy Evans
Richard Stutzman
Gary Condit
Kevin Schnitker
Mark Mayo
Scott Chalmers
Dan Hansen
Curtis Tarpley
Brent Holmes
Dennis Sharp
Steven Fay
James Rethmel
Brent Cranmer
Lance Ulrich
James Taylor
James Gipson
Gaye Nicholson
David Kisela
Daniel Rojas
Ronnie Barnes, Sr.
Tom Walters
Pete Ibarra
R. Jalomo
J. Pyle
Kirk Killman
D. Diamond
Matt Cole
Darrell Walters
Greg Cox
James Bowlin