Reporting A Crime

We need your help to report a crime.
A police officer can’t be everywhere at once.
You must get involved.

Please Include This Information

  • Address of incident
  • Description of incident
  • Description of suspect
  • Car description and tag number
  • Other suspicious details

What to watch for

  • A stranger entering your neighbor’s house when it is unoccupied. (Burglary)
  • A scream heard anywhere. (Robbery, Sex offenses)
  • Strangers or strange cars in the neighborhood, school area, and parks. (Robbery, Sex offenses)
  • Offers of merchandise at ridiculously low prices. (stolen property)
  • Anyone in a store concealing merchandise on their person. (shoplifting)
  • Anyone removing accessories, license plates, or gasoline from a car. (auto theft)
  • Persons seen entering or leaving a business place after hours. (burglary)
  • The sound of breaking glass or other loud explosive noises. (burglary)
  • Anyone loitering in or walking down the street, peering into parked cars, (auto theft-burglary)
  • Persons involved in a fight. (Robbery-assault)